Discover the most spectacular nature in the far-east…

Japan is a small country floating on the Pacific Ocean, that you can find it on the edge of the world map.

However, who could imagine that these tiny islands hide inside so many beautiful sceneries and natural beauty?

Japan’s drastic earth movement and extreme weather changes have made its diverse nature, unique in the world.

Mountains, valleys, flowers… a variety of attractions welcome you.

Let’s go together to experience wonderful nature in Japan!

Photo of Moto Hirasawa

Guide Profile


Moto Harasawa

Japan Mountain Guides Association Trekking Guide (Stage I)

National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)


Hi, there! I am a certificated English speaking mountain guide in Japan. I have traveled Japanese mountains for 30 years, including rocky peaks over 3,000 meters high... even in the  cold winter season! My expert  skill and experience in this field promises you exciting and secure adventures. Let me know your hearts desire and share with me!

Guide Plans

Photo of Nishizawa Valley

1 day hike in Nishizawa Valley

Level ★

From USD150 *guide fee only

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Photo of Mt.Mizugaki

2 days peak hunt for Mt.Mizugaki

Level ★★★

From USD300 *guide fee only

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Photo of Mt.Kita

3 days expedition for Mt.Kitadake

Level ★★★★★

From USD450 *guide fee only

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Photo of Nishizawa Valley

1 day Trace Mt.Fuji classic route (to 6th station)

Level ★

From USD200 *guide fee only

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2 days - Buddhist trek at Mt.Shichimen


From USD300 *guide fee only

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 * Other destinations can be arranged. Ask for quotation and itinerary. My guide areas are available in

  • Japan Minami (Southern) Alps ... includes  Mt.Kitadake (3,193m), Mt.Senjo (3,032m), Mt.Kaikoma (2,967m)
  • Okuchichibu Mountains ... includes Mt.Kimpu (2,599m), Mt.Mizugaki (2,230m), Nishizawa Valley
  • Mt.Fuji (3,776m)