The primary objective of my guiding work is to introduce Japan's fascinating nature to the world. All guide plans are open to whoever loves to walk in mountains and nature from beginners. I can support all your exciting journeys with Japanese hospitality!

The most important issue for mountaineering is safety management. All guiding activities strictly keep the guideline regulated by JMGA. My expert skills for performing in the case of emergencies including rescue methods promise your journeys safe.


Participants required

  • Age 12 to 65  (men and women) and physically healthy.
  • Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Those who suffer from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or hernia should state it in advance (or posses a doctor's note clearing them for the activity).
  • Basic knowledge and experience of mountains trekking.
  • An appropriate outfit and equipment for the journey. *Check on Outfit & Equipment



Walking trails set in my guide plans are well maintained and safe. However, Japanese mountains normally have bumpy roads and slippery rocks, tree roots, mud... etc. Thus the need to wear high-cut water-proof mountain shoes with solid soles.



Usually Japanese mountains huts are dormitory style. During the high season it is possible that you may have to be assigned to a room shared by both men and women. There is little privacy as you will be sharing the place with other people. Take into account also that there are no showers available.



Weather can brusquely change in a few days/hours, so we might be forced to modified or terminated the activity if the conditions become too severe. If harsh weather such as heavy rain or a typhoon is expected, the tour will be canceled in advance without any penalty.



For overnight journeys, it is necessary to buy insurance. Tokyo Marine Nichido corporation offers for inbound visitor's coverage up to JPY10,000,000 for accidents you may have. You also have the option to hire your own countries insurance.