1 day - easy hike of Mt.Rakanji & Shosenkyo

Shosenkyo gorge is a prominent scenic spot of Yamanashi, which showcases unique rocks and waterfalls. Mt.Rakanji is a rocky peak on the cliff straight up from the river.

The trail is a part of the old route of religious trek leading up to Mt.Kinpu. A Japanese Ukiyo-e artist, Hiroshige Utagawa walked this way and admired beautiful scenes along the trail.

In 2022, Shosenkyo was designated as the Japan Heritage and has attracted the attention worldwide.

Season available : Through the year

Trail distance : 7km

Altitude difference : 600m

Level ★

Photo of Mt.Rakanji & Shosenkyo 1
Photo of Mt.Rakanji & Shosenkyo 2
A head of Buddhist statue
Photo of Mt.Rakanji & Shosenkyo 3
Tachi no Nuki-iwa Rock
Photo of Mt.Rakanji & Shosenkyo 4
Sengataki Waterfall


Day 1

(Depart at Tokyo (Shinjuku) in the morning and 1.5 hours by train. *ref. Location and Access )

9:00 Meet up at Kofu Station.

9:30 Nagatoro Bridge (by local bus). Start walking.

12:00 Mt.Shirosuna (Lunch break).

14:00 Mt. Rakanji.

14:30 Shosenkyo Rope-way Station (Top).

15:00 Shosenkyo Park.

16:00 Arrive back to Kofu Station

*Accommodation can be arranged before and after the tour.


1 person : USD250

2 - 5 people : Add USD50 per person

Over 5 people : Negotiable


What’s included

Guiding fee and guide’s expense

What’s not included

Transportation to and from the meeting spot

Transportation for local bus = JPY1,800 per person (2023 season)

Lunch *you should prepare/buy yourself

*Prices mentioned above are currently applicable and subject to change without notice.

*Read and agree Policy & Terms before booking.