<Step 1>

For booking, e-mail me your information first. (Copy and paste the following blank form to be filled in it.)


Date :

Plan :

Number of participants :

Gender of participants :

Age of participants :

Nationality of participants :

Name of applicant :

Contact of applicant (e-mail or FB) :

Special needs or requests :


<Step 2>

I will inform you as soon as possible if your request can be accepted or not, informing as well of the total amount due for the event.


<Step 3>

As soon as the stated deposit is paid, your tour is confirmed.

The deposit is non refundable from one week before the tour date, or due to unavoidable cause.


Deposit amount

Up to 5 people : USD100

Over 5 people : To be confirmed by e-mail


You can make the payment by Pay-Pal. (Credit cards acceptable.)



<Step 4>

I will send you a reminder 5-7 days before the tour date to make sure you are updated with last-minutes information about weather, accommodation, transportation etc.

The rest of payments can be done afterwards or in cash on the tour day. (You have the option of exchanging to JPY at the Mitsubishi UFJ Bank's applying the day's rate.)