Average temperature in this area is 18°C in May, 22°C in Jun, 26°C in Jul, 28°C in Aug, 23°C in Sep, 17°C in Oct, 11°C in Nov. In the mountains, the temperature is supposed to be down 0.6 degrees per 100 meters up in elevation. Besides, the wind makes effect on it lower than actual. Even in summertime it has a possibility to suffer from hypothermia. So bring appropriate wear and accessories to keep you warm.

Check what you need to prepare!

□ Long sleeve shirt

□ Sweater or fleece jacket

□ Socks (wool or heat-insulating)

□ Hat or cap

□ Mountain shoes

□ Backpack

□ Trekking pole

□ Drinking water

□ Headlamp

□ Pocket knife

□ Map or guide book

□ Tissue paper

□ ID copy 

□ Long pants

□ Rain wear (top and bottom)

□ Gloves

□ Under wear (synthetic)

□ Spare shoelaces

□ Backpack cover

□ Sunglasses

□ Emergency food

□ Spare batteries

□ Watch

□ Compass

□ Towel

□ First aid kit (for personal use)

For overnight journeys, add

□ Another set of underwear

□ Toiletries

□ An emergency tent (if you have one)

□ Earplugs (for a good nights sleep)

□ JPY Cash (Credit cards are not accepted at the hut.)